Groom's Cabin

Our new and improved Groom's Cabin is almost ready....

We currently have a 121 sq ft Groom's Den located right by the courtyard, once the new Groom's Cabin is completed the current Groom's Den will be converted into a dressing room with a pull out couch and tv.

Our new and improved Groom's Cabin located right by the pond is expected to be ready by the end of July. It includes:

  • An attached fishing dock
  • Sitting area inside a renovated Avian camper (similar to an Airstream) with video games
  • Large den area with a bathroom, 2 showers, wet bar, mini fridge, and a locker room style dug outs to hang up the gentlemen's attire
  • Extended deck
  • Grill
  • Pool Table
  • Access to stand-up paddle boards and kayaks via beach entry to the pond